Virtual Home School Students:

Discovery Zone Kids will provide a site for students who are enrolled in Georgia’s K-12 virtual program. The center will have a 20 computer classroom dedicated to these children to assist them in their educational journey. The students will still be working independently, learning at their own pace, but have the comfort in knowing that at all times, a tutor will be there to assist them with their questions. This setting will also help transition these children into an environment that has a positive social atmosphere, unlike how harsh some elementary schools have been reported to be for some students. 

Home Schooled Students:

Discovery Zone Kids will offer a piece of community to home schooled students since social interaction is crucial in developing a child’s mind. The center will have on site tutors to assist parents in developing lesson plans, answering questions, or assisting in teaching topics that may be difficult for the parent to address, or relate to. By having a safe, welcomed area to come together, the center’s staff believe the home-school parents’ will feel less overwhelmed with whether or not their child is receiving the best education.