In addition to Discovery Zone Kids’ daycare services, it is the only daycare of its kind that will offer several educational enrichment programs in every subject. Discovery Zone Kids is designed to teach math, art, science, and eventually music, as well as health and fitness. As enrollment increases, more educational and enrichment activities will be added to the regular daycare services for children under the age of thirteen. Also, based on the demand for tutoring and/or enrichment activities during the first year of operation, the center will operate after hours (after the daycare hours) to serve older students who do not attend the daycare, but seek specific tutoring and/or enrichment services.

Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards will be addressed using hands-on activities throughout our program for the daycare and pre school children.

0-12 Months

12-24 Months

24-36 Months

36-48 Months

48-60 Months